Who am I?

I am Gonzalo Quero, a 37 years old Spanish software developer. I currently live in London, UK, and work as a Senior Developer at DRW.

What do I do?

I am a generalist programmer, give me a problem, and I'll do my best to solve it, though most of my professional experience has been in the fields of Web Development, VFX Helper Software, and Video Games. Look at my Portfolio to see some examples of my work.


There are no analytics, tracking, comments, or social media buttons embedded on this site, but I care about your opinion. If you want to talk about any of my posts or any other thing, feel free to email me at me@gonzaloquero.com.

If you feel something I wrote is worth sharing with the greater public, too, please feel free to publish it in Hacker News, Reddit, or your preferred social networking site!

Thank you!

What technologies do you use?

Where have you worked?

Here's a mini résumé